Angel Healing

Angel Healing is a process of tuning into the energy of the Archangels to bring through their energy for healing the energetic body.

There are 15 Archangels in total and each angel has a particular vibration and focus area for healing. The Angel system of energetic healing works closely with the chakra system to clear, heal and balance the chakras and aura.

By using the Archangel Aromatherapy your therapist will attune to the healing energy of the Archangels for energetic healing. By using a process of laying of the hands whereby the hands hover over the body your therapist works intuitively with the guidance of the Archangels to move through your energetic body clearing and healing deep into the energetic body.


In-house/Remote Distant Healing

Angel Reading with a Healing allows for a 60 minute in person, Skype, FaceTime or Phone consultation. This allows me to consult with you and get insight into your situation, tune into your energy and better understand what is happening so I can determine the healing approach. I work closely with the angelic realm and spiritual guides to bring through healing advice to support for you and to determine what will best support your healing.

This is a shorter healing session combined with a reading.