Angel readings are similar to psychic readings except I work directly with the Archangels from the angelic realm and your spirit guides.

During an angel reading you Angel Healing Therapist will communicate with the Archangels to channel through messages that you most need to hear at this time.

Angels can help you with any part of your life including health, romance, career, finances, business, life direction and more.

The word ‘Angel’ is greek and translates into the phrase ‘messenger from God”. All Angels are messengers providing the link between us and the Divine.

These non-denominational celestial beings are multidimensional.

In other words, they are able to be with each and everyone of us individually at the same time. Angels love to help us with each any part of our lives and they are are available to each and everyone of us.

These beautiful celestial beings are sent from the divine to help us live a peaceful and abundant life. Our Angels are our guides, teachers, protectors and healers. Angels are comforting like a trusted parent or friend and they don’t wish to be worshiped.

These beautiful protectors and guides ask that you to call on them often for anything you need as it brings them joy to help each and everyone of us.

Angel Readings are a wonderful way to connect with the Archangels and spiritual guides to receive clear messages, advice, guidance and healing about anything of concern in your life.

So, rather than worrying and stressing and sending all that negative energy out into the Universe you can ask your angels about anything They are standing by your side always to give you loving guidance and angel healing.


Angel readings are similar to psychic readings except I direct the questions directly to the Archangels as they hold the highest of vibrations. In order to bring through this high vibrational guidance we use the Archangel Aromatherapy during our session. The aromatics of the archangels allows us to connect into the high vibrational guidance and bring through guided messages for our clients.

Angel Readings can be either 60mins or 90mins

During a reading you can ask specific questions or just have a general reading to receive messages from your angels or both.

A combination of the Archangel Aromatherapy, Oracle Cards coupled with channeled guidance with the Archangels during an Angel Reading allow the messages to flow.

We ask that when you come to an angel reading you are open and conversational as this allows the flow of energy to tune into your energy.

Angel readings provide counselling, guidance and loving supportive messages and guidance for any area of your life.

During a reading we will endeavour to answer all questions with the angels loving guidance.


YES! No matter where you live in the world we an have an Angel Reading. You can come and meet with us in person at SOULSCENTED in Melbourne, Australia OR For interstate and international clients we conduct sessions by phone, Skype, WhatsApp & FaceTime.

So wherever you are in the world Angel Readings are a wonderful way to seek guidance and healing from the Archangels.

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