Palo Santo - home & space clearing ritual

Palo Santo - home & space clearing ritual


Peruvian Palo Santo

A natural wood aromatic incense that has been used for centuries by the Incas and Indigenous people of the andes as a spiritual remedy.

Holy Wood" is an ancient ceremonial plant Medicine, with a long and ancient history among the Inca peoples. It brings a light, soothing energy to home and heart.

Burned as incense. Light allow a smouldering smoke. Move around the room ensuring you take smoke into all corners of each room and into the space.

Brings a calming, delicate sweet grass scent for use to clear energy and entities and bring blessings to your home and energetic body.

 (5cm) x 3 in a bundle
Slow burning so you can get a number of smudges from each stock

Sustainably harvested. No trees are harmed in processing these sticks. The sticks are made from wood that has died naturally in the forest. No trees are cut down.

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