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Are you having a spiritual awakening?

Rachael White

Posted on February 27 2019

Are you having a spiritual awakening? 

A spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness.

It is a transformational experience and time whereby we shift from unconsciousness to consciousness.

I believe on some level, we share the inner knowing and hope that something greater than us exists to help us get through it—be it God, the Universe, Buddha, or whomever we align with spiritually. Before my awakening, I was unconscious in my existence; I just moved unquestioningly through the process of life. I had questioned my existence when I was younger, but in the throes of marriage, children, and work, my curiosity about the meaning of life had evaporated.

 Then, when crisis came knocking, my faith and spirituality were rekindled. Crisis is generally a time when our lives get shaken up and throws us off the treadmill of life. 

Spiritual awakening can be a wonderfully transformational experience of expansion and opening up. It can also be a very challenging time as people are confronted with hopelessness in life, it can be a time of profound transformation. 

But for others it is a slow and continual series of events that gently opens them up to a greater sense of knowing.  It can be a combination of all those things including challenge and wonder but what is true that I see in my practice with many spiritual souls is that each souls spiritual awakening and pathway to spiritual transformation is unique. No path is the same.

When spiritual awakening comes knocking many souls become perplexed as to what to do. I know for me this was definitely the case. It was like someone shined a light on my life and revealed the truth of what it looked like. I knew I was changing as a person, transforming and become acutely aware of the reality of my life and how I was responsible for what it looked like.More consciouses.

I also had a spiritual experience where angels and my grandmother came to me to for guidance and support. However, I still had to get my head around what was happening. I wanted to understand what this process was. I wanted to change, transform and make it different.  But, I had no idea how. I was learning how to be me, be consciousness and make a connection to divine guidance.

I was not a religious person. I felt I was spiritual. But what did that look like? 

This is very similar for many spiritual souls that come to me for spiritual guidance. Fear not my friends. Your shift in consciousness opens a pathway of opportunity for expansion. Whilst everyones experience and journey is unique along the way many of us experience similar spiritual lessons. It is through the shared experience of these lessons that we find comfort.

If you are in the process of spiritual awakening and transformation be kind with yourself. Allow yourself to gently move through the process without judgement and comparison. Seek guidance and support of trusted spiritual mentors and counsel to keep you supported through the process. At SOULSCENTED our Spiritual Practitioners are here to help you along the way. I know when I was having a spiritual transformation I was seeking not only divine guidance but mentoring and coaching with a trusted spiritual support. Things happened so quickly and I was experiencing such a significant shift in a small period of time that I just wanted to talk through and get guidance and support on how to navigate the experience. 

Spiritual awakening and transformation can be a challenging time but it can be a wonderful and exhilarating experience of profound transformation. Allow yourself to be in the process. To explore and allow your greater awareness to guide you.

If you need any support please visit us at SOULSCENTED or give us a call on 03 9815 0659 and we can guide you to the right spiritual practitioner or book online under Spiritual Healing with one of our wonderful spiritual healers. Blessings, Rxx


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