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Aromatherapy is the Medicine of the Soul

Rachael White

Posted on March 06 2019

I am so excited to announce my first workshop for 2019. This is brand new content on Aromatherapy as medicine for the Soul. A subject very close to my heart and full of divine loving guidance and teachings. I have been working very close with my angels and spiritual guides to bring together this wonderful workshop.

I will run the same workshop twice to leave open plenty of spots. Many of you have been asking me about workshops so I can't wait to share this knowledge and wisdom with everyone. 

Details are as follows: 


Aromatherapy is medicine for the Soul

For your Soul to find itself in the right places, saying the right things and accepting the right challenges, it needs to be operating at its highest frequency. We live in a complex world, so sometimes you don’t feel, think or react in unison with your soul.

The soul naturally has a high vibration. The vibration between the mind, body and spirit and Soul should occur at a high rate simultaneously. When it doesn’t, illness and negativity are experienced. Aromatherapy provides the medicine and the healing for the soul by re-aligning the mind, body and spirit back to the natural high vibrations of the soul.

In this two-hour workshop Rachael will cover:

·        What is the Soul and how its healing impacts holistic healing

·        How & why Aromatherapy is medicine for the Soul

·        How you can use Aromatherapy to heal your mind, body, spirit and Soul 

In this new workshop Rachael is excited to share with you her latest teachings. Rachael has been spiritual practitioner with clients across Australia and the World for over a decade. Rachael is an Author, Angel Healing Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Medium, Spiritually guided life and business coach, Vibrational Aromatherapist and Natural Perfumer.


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