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Welcome Damian Wardle our new Hairdresser to SOULSCENTED-Apothecary, Spa & now Salon

Rachael White

Posted on August 23 2018

Certified Organic Hairdressing with industry talent Damian Wardle.

A big welcome to Damian Wardle to SOULSCENTED-Apothecary, Spa & Salon

Yes, that's right we are now an Apothecary, Spa & Salon.

We are so blessed to have Damian join us. He brings over 20 years experience in hairdressing as a Principal Stylist and Award winning colourist in Melbourne to SOULSCENTED.

Damian is armed with talent, generosity of spirit, authentic connection and genuine love of making others look and feel divine. This has afforded him a highly sort after client list and involvement in major television and Fashion events and member of key management teams in Melbourne and Australia's hairdressing industry over the years.

At SOULSCENTED we have a commitment to spiritual self care of our clients.  We understand that the hair on our heads not only gathers energy to stimulate higher levels of consciousness and creativity. It is also an extension of the nervous system which is involved in the transmission of important information to the brain. Hair helps to balance the entire electromagnetic field of your body, which in turn can help you to increase your life force, kundalini and ultimately your intuition. It also covers the Crown and Third eye chakras which allow you to connect and process divine guidance. This is why it is vitally important that what you use on your hair maintains your high vibration.

This is why our new Salon at SOULSCENTED committed to Certified organic and Natural hairdressing. We have sourced a leader in the Certified organic hairdressing space to provide all our colour, shampoos, conditioners and treatments. No dangerous ingredients! All formulations are the safest available in the professional beauty industry today. Most of the ingredients in each and every product are Certified Organic.

Certified Organic Natural hair colours and products in this range are innovative and cutting edge to allow you to look amazing, feel wonderful and still maintain a high vibration without the use of highly toxic chemicals traditionally used in hairdressing. We understand that chemicals on your hair and scalp is not only bad for you but it can also dull your intuitive abilities and your overall vibration.

We are so thrilled to have the talentedDamian Wardle join the SOULSCENTED team. Damian will work Full Time in our high vibrational Salon at SOULSCENTED- Apothecary, Spa & Salon. The Salon is located within the Apothecary space downstairs at 569 Burwood Road, Hawthorn.

Damian commences with SOULSCENTED on Tuesday 4th September however we are taking bookings now so please call us on 03 9815 0659 to make your appointment.



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