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A dream comes to life....

Rachael White

Posted on August 23 2018

SOULSCENTED was on my vision board for many years.

My desire was to create spiritual apothecary and spiritual healing spa where people find sanctuary for spiritual healing, spiritual wisdom and vibrational and energetic medicines and perfumes for living a spiritually guided life.

The design of the retail store is based on old world Apothecaries of ancient times. As you step through the doors you are met by the soaring ceilings and exposed brick walls adorned with hand carved bookshelves overflowing with apothecary bottles filled with energetic and vibrational remedies.

This old word beauty is a unique new age retail concept store and dispensary for vibrational and energetic remedies, archangel aromatherapy, books, crystals, flower essences, herbs, and everything you need for healing and living a spiritually guided life.

We create our remedies onsite by hand. We are a dedicated and passionate artisan manufacturer of vibrational and energetic remedies with a focus on vibrational medicines and perfumery for the soul.

Hence the name S O U L S C EN T E D.

We do not sell our products through retailers our products are distributed and sold exclusively through at our new Flagship store and via our Spa, Wellness, and Healing partner network.

Upstairs at S O U L S C E N T E D you will find our spiritual spa.

Our focus is on spirituality, energy, and vibrational healing.

We have created a serene, sacred sanctuary for high vibrational spiritual healing. You can experience Signature Healing Massage Rituals from the Archangel Aromatherapy Prescriptions range along with a range of unique bodywork treatments. To enhance your spiritual healing healing experience, we use our artisan hand crafted remedies. These remedies and therapies are channelled and draw on ancient healing techniques inspired by the magic of ancient spiritual alchemists and guides.

Additionally, our spiritual healing Spa offers a range of spiritual services with therapists. These include spiritual coaching, counselling, spiritual healing, angel readings, spiritual house cleansing, past life therapy plus other vibrational and energetic healing modalities.

At S O U L S C E N T E D we create artisan vibrational and energetic remedies to support holistic wellness, spiritual transformation and healing for living a spiritually guided life.

You can visit our stand alone retail apothecary or experience our vibrational and energetic therapies, spa rituals and services in our spiritual spa.

Lastly, S O U L S C E N T E D we also run spiritual workshops, book launches and events. 

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness. This includes Mind, Body, and in particular the Spiritual.

We strive to explore the vibrational nature of human beings by creating vibrational and energetic remedies to support human beings reach a higher state of consciousness.

We channel, create and develop artisan vibrational and energetic medicine, rituals and therapies. In doing so we honour the teachings and wisdom of the ancient spiritual alchemists and spiritual guides to deliver a spiritual healing experience that is committed to raising human consciousness beyond mind, body connection to bring a multidimensional approach for emotional healing and wellness for a truly holistic wellness process.

I am so grateful to have given birth to my dream. Like all dreams we nurture them and then bring them into the world and carefully allow them to grow and expand. I am so grateful to my family, friends, and the divine intervention of the Archangels who guided this entire process.

I personally welcome you to visit with us for all your spiritual needs. We look forward to being of service to you and your loved ones for all your spiritual needs.

Blessings, Rachael White

Founder, SOULSCENTED-Apothecary & Spa


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