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Final Angel Message for 2018

Rachael White

Posted on December 31 2018

I am so grateful that the Angel messages come to me at all times of the day and night. I don’t force the process. I let it flow.

Todays message arrived at 4.30am so it’s fresh off the press for New Years eve. 

Our final angel message for 2018 is one of reflection and inspiration.

Archangel Jerimel takes the stage with the final message for 2018. 

Archangel Jerimel is the Archangel of motivation. Archangel Jerimiel assists us when we are stuck in our lives and we need to make a change and review where we are now and where we need to go. He assists us with direction and motivation to change, stay on our life path and to be kind to ourselves. When times get difficult, it’s often a sign to stop and take stock, review your life, make changes, embrace new beginnings, and move forward with motivation.


When this moment arrives. Apply the No.14 Motivation Perfume Body Oil to the hands, cup the hands and inhale. Allow yourself to drift off and reflect. This will bring strong and clear messages from Archangel Jerimel. If you do not have the Archangel Aromatherapy simply call on Archangel Jerimel by praying, saying his name out loud or even writing a message to him in your journal.

There really is no right or wrong way to connect with the Angels but its important to always call on them as they wont come unless you call on them. They are very polite. Once you call on an angel they come to you immediately.

Archangel Jerimel confirms that 2018 was a year of big learnings for many. 2018 in particular was a year of finishing off some big lessons. You may have been working on these lessons for a short period of time or for years. Either way 2018 was a time of intense enlightenment.

Enlightenment that has come from these lessons supports you to gain spiritual insight and knowledge about yourself, others or a situation. This knowledge was abundant for many and caused a significant shift in consciousness that has put them on a new more soul aligned path.


A very big chapter of your life has just closed and a new one is about to begin. Now is a time for monumental change. Not just stepping stones but BIG, sustainable life review to effect life changing, change.


In these last moments of 2018 take the time to reflect on forgiveness of yourself and others, your own self worth and self respect. Take time out to write down what inspires you? It’s time to review your life and start to prioritise what 2019 will look like. What lessons are you leaving behind? What will be your vision for 2019? 


Next Sunday the 6th January at 12.30pm is the first New Moon for 2019. This is the best time for Manifesting your Vision for 2019 as its the first new moon of the new year.

 I will be hosting a Facebook Live on the first New Moon for 2019 on Sunday 6th January at 1.30pm. Mark your diaries my friends and join me.


I would personally like to thank you. You are a part of a community of people that have a shared vision to explore their spirituality in a way that is authentic, loving, kind and deeply reflective. I created this business for you. A place where you can find  high vibrational spiritual guidance, support, healing, learning and tools for a spiritually guided life. I am eternally grateful you have chosen me, my colleagues and my business to be apart of your path. To walk this path with you is a privilege I take very seriously. SOULSCENTED was a vision and you are the people that make the community that make the vision a reality. It’s one thing to have a Vision it’s another thing entirely to actually ground your Vision and make it the reality of your life. It can be done. I did it. Many of you are doing it. Will do it. Smash it! It’s not always easy but we have each other.

To be perfectly honest with you 2018 has been one of the most challenging years of my life. Opening the doors to bricks and mortar has been profoundly enlightening experience. I have made mistakes, big ones. Learnt some lessons and received some big downloads from the angels. I am grateful for it all. I am grateful for my family, friends, clients and the team at SOULSCENTED. This is a blessed community that I am so deeply grateful for. I wish you and your families peace, prosperity and good holistic health and spiritual healing for 2019. Angels walk with you always. Don’t forget to call on them. Love & Blessings, Rxxxx

A couple of reminders.....

Join me for the first New Moon for 2019 on the Facebook live on Sunday 6th January at 1.30pm.

SOULSCENTED is closed and will reopen on Tuesday 8th January 2019. 

 Happy New Year ! xxx


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  • Patricia : December 31, 2018

    That is so beautiful what you have said with the reading , and Iam so into my angels. Thankyou . All the success, healing , be safe and healthy for you and your family. Enjoy your time away and rest . For a busy year that is coming. 🌈😄🧚‍♂️💐

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