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Signs from the Angels- Angel Message

Rachael White

Posted on March 06 2019

This weeks is your Angel Message for the Week beginning Monday 4th March.

Signs from Angels 

When we work with the Archangels they send us signs. If you call on an angel for guidance they will bring you messages. One of the more common signs from an angels is the leave feathers. This lets us know they are guiding us every step of the way. Often they leave signs that relate to each individual and in relation to the assistance you asked for. They try and use something that will grab your attention.

My own experience which I write about in my book was that I wrote to the angels asking them to please confirm they exist and where guiding me. I was really distressed and a little upset with the angels because I thought they had left me. I wrote a long letter to them in my journal telling them how I felt. I asked them to send me a big white feather to confirm I had nothing to worry about.

I got up from my chair and walked outside and sat on my back steps. Within two seconds of sitting down the biggest white feather you ever did see floated down from the sky.  I was seriously amazed! I couldn't believe it.

From that day on I never doubted the existence of angels. 

The Archangels bring you all a message this week to look for the signs. In my experience coincidences don't exist. They are synchronised messages and events from your angels to confirm they are with you and guiding you.

Lots of signs are being sent to you but you may be missing them. Make an effort to notice your signs this week. If you are looking from some extra guidance from the angels you can always book an Angel Reading with Rachael . 

Have a beautiful week, Rxx


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