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Spiritual Herbology

At SOULSCENTED our vision is to support our clients to reach a higher state of consciousness.

Our Spiritual Herbology range allows for merging the soul with higher consciousness through herbs, flowers, plants for healing and spiritual development.

Herbs have been used for centuries, for many different purposes. These purposes can range from healing, rituals, beauty and higher spiritual connectedness. 

At SOULSCENTED we focus primarily on the spiritual properties first and foremost. Consuming herbs as a medicine will always produce a physical effect however when herbs or any herbal substance is taken into the physical body, there is a corresponding spiritual effect. This is because the vibration of the herb affects your vibration. Herbs also provide deeper spiritual messages and spiritual healing effects in particular to those people who are experiencing physical illness as the herbs allow them to move into a deeper spiritual and emotional openess.

We holistically showcase all aspects of healing with spiritual Herbology focusing on healing for the SOUL, EMOTIONS, CHAKRAS, MIND and BODY.

Spiritual Herbology at SOULSCENTED is for healing and spiritual development. 




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