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Calling all Empaths Workshop

  • SOULSCENTED-Apothecary, Spa, Healing, Salon & Perfumery 569 Burwood Road Hawthorn, VICTORIA 3122 AUSTRALIA (map)
Calling all Empaths -Workshops
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Calling all Empaths -Workshops

Calling all Empaths

How to harness your sensitivity for spiritual healing & guidance.

Feeling energetically drained?

Emotionally over whelmed?

Physically tired and unwell ?

In relationships with people that take advantage of you?

Empaths are sensitive and intuitive souls with highly attuned connection not only to energy but divine guidance. Empaths have a deep sense of empathy for others and can often feel the emotions and energy of the people and places around them. Empaths are often kind hearted souls and operate from an open-hearted space of authenticity which can at times lead to relationships where they are taken advantage of.

Often if empaths don’t harness the use of their highly attuned sensitivity it can result in becoming energetically drained, emotionally over whelmed, physically tired and unwell but also in relationships with people that take advantage of them.

 If you think you are an Empath and/or a highly sensitive person this workshop is for you. In this workshop you will come to recognise your strengths as a sensitive empathic soul and how to harness your sensitivity to use in all aspects of your life. We will cover:

  • What are Empaths ?

  • Energy Management for sensitive souls.

  • Honour and trust your Intuition guidance

  • Red Flag Relationships

  • How to be sensitive but assertive

  • Daily Rituals


Saturday 6th July 2019

Saturday 27th July 2019





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