It all started when…..

An extraordinary life-changing journey to heal her family’s incurable illnesses led to a spiritually guided life. 

Rachael White, is the Founder of SOULSCENTED- Apothecary Spa & Salon

Rachael is an Author, Angel Healing Therapist, Clairvoyant, Healer, Coach, Positive Psychology practitioner,  Natural Perfumer Certified in Aromatherapy. 

Rachael has experienced a “knowing” of the divine and of spirit since she was a child, but it has only been in the last decade that she has really stepped into her spirituality, because of the transformational effect it has had on her life. Spiritual guidance saved her husband from a life of clinical depression and, through her work with angels and spirit guides, she was guided to cure her son’s severe eczema after the medical profession had given up. 

“My life moved from the ordinary to the extraordinary when, having been told by the medical profession over a decade ago they could no longer help my ill family members. It was at this time I began to explore my spirituality. Looking instead to the heavens, I found the trust and self belief to turn my families life around.

I  developed a powerful relationship with angels and spiritual guides - a journey that taught me how to live in harmony with the soul’s purpose, trust in the power of intuition and spiritual guidance and, ultimately, to heal my family of their illnesses and lead spiritually guided lives. 

For Rachael, spirituality is the way she chooses to live her life and she wishes to provide her wisdom, learning and spiritual guidance for people who want spiritual healing.

Having received the knowledge of how to heal her family through working with angels and spiritual guides, Rachael went on to open her own practice  in Newtown in Sydney. Rachael relocated to Melbourne in 2016 with her family. Rachael works with clients across the world conducting spiritual healing, spiritually guided life coaching, business coaching, angel readings, and energy clearing of homes and businesses. 

Rachael has a passion for aromatherapy and natural perfume.

In order to support the process of healing and transformation with clients, and due to the powerful positive affect her bespoke tailored essential oil blends were having on her clients in her practice and on her own life, Rachael developed the first ever Archangel Aromatherapy range of prescriptions which she launched in 2014. These angelic prescriptions are for daily application to the body, diffused into a room and used in massage therapy. They are an angelic invocation tool that calls in archangel guidance and support at any moment, depending on the issue, emotion or spiritual goal requiring help.

Each archangel channelled individual instructions to Rachael for the preparation of the blends to create his or her own unique vibration and aroma. 

Then In 2016 Rachael went on to published her first book: 

I AM a Soul Champion; How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity & Archangel Aromatherapy

I AM a Soul Champion: How to Live a Spiritually Guided Life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity, and Archangel Aromatherapy

‘My book is both an account of my extraordinary, life-changing journey to heal my family’s so-called “incurable” illnesses, and a sharing of the knowledge and wisdom I gained when I opened up to living a spiritually guided life. Its key message is that everyone has the ability to access healing and guidance from angels and spiritual guides, in order to heal, to co-create, and to manifest in every aspect of life. “ Rachael White, Author

I AM a Soul Champion is a practical guide for using intuition, healing, and manifesting along with Archangel Aromatherapy. The wisdom—a new paradigm for psycho-spiritual healing and vibrational prescriptions by way of archangel aromatherapy—has been distilled into a combination of healing guides, teachings, and easy-to-use daily practices and rituals. 

Rachael has been presenting workshops on “How to live a spiritually guided life series’ in Sydney and Melbourne. Rachael shares the knowledge and wisdom she gained when she opened up to living a spiritually-guided life. Rachael distilled her wisdom into teachings and easy-to-use practices where she teaches spiritually guided life lessons, energy management, intuition development, spiritual protection and how to communicate with angels and guides so that you too can seek spiritual guidance in every aspect of your life. 

Rachael is passionate about the ancient healing art of spiritual and vibrational aromatherapy. Rachael continues to work closely with the angelic realm to support people as they heal. 

In April 2018 Rachael opened the doors to SOULSCENTED- Apothecary & Spa in Hawthorn, Melbourne Australia. The design of the retail store draws on old world Apothecaries of ancient times.Upstairs is a dedicated Spiritual Spa where clients experience deep healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual and energetic bodies with massage therapy and spiritual aromatherapy. Rachael also offers Spiritual Healing and has a number of professional Spiritual Healers that regular visit SOULSCENTED to conduct sessions with clients.

“ I am passionate about using the very best quality, pure, natural, wildcrafted, and certified organic ingredients with your massage therapy and spiritual healing. I personally source essential oils and ingredients from distillers and suppliers in Australia and across the globe to ensure quality and integrity of natural ingredients is upheld and maintained. Always.

All aromatherapy used in the Spa is hand blended onsite and formulated by me. My dream was always to open a healing sanctuary where people could experience high vibrational spiritual healing, teachings, aromatherapy, massage therapy and natural perfumery as vibrational remedies for living a spiritually guided life. My intention is to continue to support people to beyond healing as they raise their vibration and move into higher states of consciousness so they can create the life they desire.’

Rachael chooses to live her life spiritually, and she wishes to provide her wisdom, learning, and spiritual guidance and healing sanctuary SOULSCENTED- Apothecary & Spa to with those who wish to receive it. 


I hold a Bachelor of Business (BBus), Postgraduate studies in Psychology, Positive Psychology and Wellness & Lifestyle. I am a certified Advanced Angel Intuitive (AI) and I hold a professional certification in Mental Health First Aid. I have attained certification in Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Massage and Bach Flower Remedies and I am in the process of completing my Masters of Aromatherapy. Before I came out of the spiritual closet I had a 20 years experience in education, philanthropy, information technology and public health sectors. I had taken on a range of roles, including, Business and Marketing Consultancy, Global Branding, Social Marketing, Policy and Advocacy, Wellness Coaching, Counselling & Advocacy in Mental health.