To raise human consciousness.

SOULSCENTED is a sacred sanctuary for spiritual self care, learning and healing using perfumery, aromatherapy and aromatic spiritual healing rituals drawing on the ancients. We love to nurture your soul. Our focus is on healing the mind, body and spirit to raise your consciousness to support you to live a soulful spiritually guided life.






To be of service.

To raise human consciousness through remedies and therapies that support spiritual healing and teaching delivered through our Day Spa -divine spiritual sanctuaries for spiritual self care and living a spiritually guided life.

We continue to develop and expand in always as a conscious company and artisan manufacturer of innovative, quality remedies and therapies using natural, sustainable and highest vibrating ingredients for aromatherapy and natural perfumery drawing on antiquity.



We honour others sensitivity. We take time to gather insight into how others feel cultivating an empathic understanding of ourselves and others.We believe in putting yourself is someone else's shoes. The ability to experience and relate to the emotions and energies or experiences of others. Authentically. We ensure our personal and shared environments are comfortable, nurturing, healing and high vibrating positive places to be and heal. 


Our core value is to be a kind soul. To be helpful, honest, forgiving, responsible, compassionate, character, respectful, loyal and true force for good.

To be of Service- Above & beyond

We respond positively, optimistically and thoughtfully to be of service to others. We go above and beyond in everything we do.

To be conscious

Consciously creating and sourcing innovative products and services designed for the wellness of people and the planet. 

To be a champion of the Soul

We always ensure we ask ourselves “ Is this for the highest good of my clients, my colleagues, staff, myself, my community". At the core everything we do is of our highest good - operating from the Soul and being a Champion of the Soul with the best intention.