We can all talk to Angels, Archangels & Spirit Guides .

You can be spiritually guided by high-vibrational, trustworthy beings.

When I began to live a spiritually guided life, I tapped into the loving support of my grandmother and the Archangel Michael, who is one of the fifteen archangels. Archangels are trustworthy spiritual sources and the most divine heavenly beings of pure love. When you open up to living a spiritually guided life, you can feel very vulnerable and exposed because you are dealing with the unknown. Fortunately for me, Archangel Michael came to me, and to this day continues to lovingly guide me and my family along with the other fifteen archangels.

This guidance is absolutely available to you too.

Archangels comprise of one of the nine choirs of angels. Archangels are the chief messengers from God, Source, Creator, or Universe— whomever you spiritually align with. They are non-denominational, which means they are not aligned with any particular religion, although they have been written about in spiritual texts of many of the world’s religions. Therefore, archangels work with people of all beliefs and paths. In truth, they will work with anyone who calls on them—always and forever.

Archangels are extremely powerful celestial beings. Each archangel has a special area of focus to support us to heal, create, and transform our lives. Think of archangels as diamonds—multifaceted and multidimensional beings who can help billions of people individually but at the same time. Archangels are light bearers shining divine light and energy onto the earth as they guide and help each and every one of us on the earth plane to live a happy and peaceful life. They are part of the heavenly spirit realm and are standing by ready and waiting to help each and every one of us. This is available to you, as it is for me.

All you have to do is to call out to an angel and they are immediately with you. Over the past decade I have developed a stronger and loving relationship with the angels. This started when they came to me during a family health crisis. I went on to write about my experience and how to work with angels in my book. If you would like to learn how to work with the Archangels in my book. I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Intuition, Positivity, Manifestation and Archangel Aromatherapy. 

If you would like an angel reading please feel free to book a session with me at www.soulscented.com.au SOULSCENTED-Apothecary, Day Spa and Salon. We are located at 569 Burwood Road, Hawthorn 3122. 

Angel Message


Archangel Jeremiel- Follow your Passion 

Archangel Jeremiel brings a message this week about reflection, change & following your passion. In life a catalyst moment can spur deep self reflection. Am I living the life I imagined? Am I happy? Have I followed my dreams & passions & made them my reality? Or am I just moving through the motion of life. Unconsciously? The sudden passing of a loved one, an accident, health issue or tragedy can also bring up our own mortality. Issues arise & shake our foundations. Who am I? 

All of a sudden we become very conscious of our own life. Maybe we realise the precious gift that life is. We reflect on ourselves & wonder about personal fulfilment & the meaning of our life purpose. Through challenging times it can be a catalyst moment of reflection & change. We allow ourselves that time. Archangel Jeremiel is a wonderful angel that supports us all to review our lives & make changes. Call on him & he will guide you through so you make the changes necessary to create your best life .


This Weeks Angel Message he encourages you to follow your passions. To allow yourself the time to reflect on the meaning, purpose & passions of your life. Don’t forget your in the drivers seat of your life. You decide ✨

Your not alone . Call on Archangel Jeremiel & If you need guidance, support or spiritual healing myself & our team would love to support you. Visit the website to review out range of spiritual healing services. You can also ✨Book a session online at www.soulscented.com.au 

Aromatherapy is the Medicine of the Soul

I am so excited to announce my first workshop for 2019. This is brand new content on Aromatherapy as medicine for the Soul. A subject very close to my heart and full of divine loving guidance and teachings. I have been working very close with my angels and spiritual guides to bring together this wonderful workshop.

I will run the same workshop twice to leave open plenty of spots. Many of you have been asking me about workshops so I can't wait to share this knowledge and wisdom with everyone. 

Details are as follows: 


Aromatherapy is medicine for the Soul

For your Soul to find itself in the right places, saying the right things and accepting the right challenges, it needs to be operating at its highest frequency. We live in a complex world, so sometimes you don’t feel, think or react in unison with your soul.

The soul naturally has a high vibration. The vibration between the mind, body and spirit and Soul should occur at a high rate simultaneously. When it doesn’t, illness and negativity are experienced. Aromatherapy provides the medicine and the healing for the soul by re-aligning the mind, body and spirit back to the natural high vibrations of the soul.

In this two-hour workshop Rachael will cover:

·        What is the Soul and how its healing impacts holistic healing

·        How & why Aromatherapy is medicine for the Soul

·        How you can use Aromatherapy to heal your mind, body, spirit and Soul 

In this new workshop Rachael is excited to share with you her latest teachings. Rachael has been spiritual practitioner with clients across Australia and the World for over a decade. Rachael is an Author, Angel Healing Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Medium, Spiritually guided life and business coach, Vibrational Aromatherapist and Natural Perfumer.


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Signs from the Angels- Angel Message

This weeks is your Angel Message for the Week beginning Monday 4th March.

Signs from Angels 

When we work with the Archangels they send us signs. If you call on an angel for guidance they will bring you messages. One of the more common signs from an angels is the leave feathers. This lets us know they are guiding us every step of the way. Often they leave signs that relate to each individual and in relation to the assistance you asked for. They try and use something that will grab your attention.

My own experience which I write about in my book was that I wrote to the angels asking them to please confirm they exist and where guiding me. I was really distressed and a little upset with the angels because I thought they had left me. I wrote a long letter to them in my journal telling them how I felt. I asked them to send me a big white feather to confirm I had nothing to worry about.

I got up from my chair and walked outside and sat on my back steps. Within two seconds of sitting down the biggest white feather you ever did see floated down from the sky.  I was seriously amazed! I couldn't believe it.

From that day on I never doubted the existence of angels. 

The Archangels bring you all a message this week to look for the signs. In my experience coincidences don't exist. They are synchronised messages and events from your angels to confirm they are with you and guiding you.

Lots of signs are being sent to you but you may be missing them. Make an effort to notice your signs this week. If you are looking from some extra guidance from the angels you can always book an Angel Reading with Rachael . 

Have a beautiful week, Rxx

Are you having a spiritual awakening?

Are you having a spiritual awakening? 

A spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness.

It is a transformational experience and time whereby we shift from unconsciousness to consciousness.

I believe on some level, we share the inner knowing and hope that something greater than us exists to help us get through it—be it God, the Universe, Buddha, or whomever we align with spiritually. Before my awakening, I was unconscious in my existence; I just moved unquestioningly through the process of life. I had questioned my existence when I was younger, but in the throes of marriage, children, and work, my curiosity about the meaning of life had evaporated.

 Then, when crisis came knocking, my faith and spirituality were rekindled. Crisis is generally a time when our lives get shaken up and throws us off the treadmill of life. 

Spiritual awakening can be a wonderfully transformational experience of expansion and opening up. It can also be a very challenging time as people are confronted with hopelessness in life, it can be a time of profound transformation. 

But for others it is a slow and continual series of events that gently opens them up to a greater sense of knowing.  It can be a combination of all those things including challenge and wonder but what is true that I see in my practice with many spiritual souls is that each souls spiritual awakening and pathway to spiritual transformation is unique. No path is the same.

When spiritual awakening comes knocking many souls become perplexed as to what to do. I know for me this was definitely the case. It was like someone shined a light on my life and revealed the truth of what it looked like. I knew I was changing as a person, transforming and become acutely aware of the reality of my life and how I was responsible for what it looked like.More consciouses.

I also had a spiritual experience where angels and my grandmother came to me to for guidance and support. However, I still had to get my head around what was happening. I wanted to understand what this process was. I wanted to change, transform and make it different.  But, I had no idea how. I was learning how to be me, be consciousness and make a connection to divine guidance.

I was not a religious person. I felt I was spiritual. But what did that look like? 

This is very similar for many spiritual souls that come to me for spiritual guidance. Fear not my friends. Your shift in consciousness opens a pathway of opportunity for expansion. Whilst everyones experience and journey is unique along the way many of us experience similar spiritual lessons. It is through the shared experience of these lessons that we find comfort.

If you are in the process of spiritual awakening and transformation be kind with yourself. Allow yourself to gently move through the process without judgement and comparison. Seek guidance and support of trusted spiritual mentors and counsel to keep you supported through the process. At SOULSCENTED our Spiritual Practitioners are here to help you along the way. I know when I was having a spiritual transformation I was seeking not only divine guidance but mentoring and coaching with a trusted spiritual support. Things happened so quickly and I was experiencing such a significant shift in a small period of time that I just wanted to talk through and get guidance and support on how to navigate the experience. 

Spiritual awakening and transformation can be a challenging time but it can be a wonderful and exhilarating experience of profound transformation. Allow yourself to be in the process. To explore and allow your greater awareness to guide you.

If you need any support please visit us at SOULSCENTED or give us a call on 03 9815 0659 and we can guide you to the right spiritual practitioner or book online under Spiritual Healing with one of our wonderful spiritual healers. Blessings, Rxx

My view on Spirituality

During the past couple of months it has come to my attention that in the area of spiritual healing and connecting with angels that spiritual teachers have voiced opinions on what is the best way and who to connect with during a spiritual practice. Some of these teachings are very feared based response and reaction to a person experience. Some spiritual teachers have excellent advice on spiritual practices and ensuring your are always protected. Recently a well know spiritual teacher who has departed from teaching in the area of metaphysics and angels has been very vocal and insulting to the industry and its practitioners.

From my point of view, spirituality is a broad concept that involves a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. It also involves a higher state of consciousness. It’s a way of being that involves a conscious connection to ourselves, our relationships, and our environment. It is the search for the meaning of life as well as a way of living and doing business.

I am spiritual but not religious, which means I was raised a Catholic and have always believed in God, Jesus, Mary, and other Christian- based deities, but I don’t believe in organized religion. I believe in God. I believe God to be eternal love, wisdom, guidance, energy, and oneness—the all-loving Universe. Personally, I just feel the energy of God which to me is love.

The great ascended masters who have walked the earth as teachers and prophets such as Hermes, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Ganesh, Horus, Merlin, Pythagoras, and Aristotle, are actually all around us in spirit all the time, as are normal, everyday people, energies and entities. We are literally surrounded by spiritual beings.

So, no matter who you are, these beings are available to come and be with you at all times and stay with you and guide you through your life. 

How do I know this? I can see them, and I work in partnership with them as I invite them into my life for guidance, love, and support. I call on them, and they come. Not only did I work with my spiritual guides to heal my family, but the Archangels have been working with me and guiding my practice, business and family for years.

All of these entities operate from the spiritual realm, and they are multidimensional. That means that you and I and a billion other people can be working with Jesus or Buddha at the same time, and we all will have that entity’s full attention. This is the benefit of being multidimensional, and it is available to you too.

In my experience, spirituality is about having a personal relationship with the divine to co-create a divine life of happiness and peace on earth in whatever form you desire. You can ask your spiritual guides for help to make it happen by having an ongoing, personal, spiritual relationship with them and allowing yourself to be divinely guided in all that you do.

I am also very aware that some of these beings are unsavoury characters just as many of the people around us physically are.  In every aspect of life there is an opposite. Night and Day, Dark and Light, Hot and Cold.This is how the Universe was created. Everything has an opposite. There is a darker side to spirituality and our role as light workers is to develop a conscious understanding and knowledge on how the darker side of the light can operate and impact our energy. 

Before all spiritual practices we should call in our angels and or spiritual guides for protection. When you open energy up for connection be it meditation, yoga or just empathically moving through life we need to set boundaries. We have physical boundaries to support our physical safety so it is just as important to have emotional and energetic boundaries to protect our energy when making a divine connection. This ensures you are tuning into the highest vibration of all. 

There are many different energies to connect with in the Universe with many opportunities for love, support, guidance and teachings. 

Trust your intuition always. If the connection does not feel right then its not. Shut down your practice and clear your energy and start again. Always calling on Archangel Michael.

You will find an excellent ritual for spiritual protection that I practice everyday in my book. I do this ritual to ensure my energy is high vibrational and protected. This allows me to set good energetic boundaries.

Be aware of spiritual teachers who are on a fear based propaganda about new age teachings and spiritual healing. Listen to what feels right for you. If you need support at all please visit with me or one of our highly trained and dedicated spiritual practitioners at SOULSCENTED.

Blessings, Rxx