Message from Archangel Michael - Only let the pure light in

So, this week it appears that for many of us that it has been revealed that where there is light there is also dark. Not everyone wishes for us to do well and in fact quite consciously others can wish to mean you no good.

This was present with many this week and as a result the Archangel Michael came to me and channelled an incantation. I have never had an incantation before. Incantations are like a blessing or poem with magical abilities to change energy.

Archangel Michael said that this incantation is to be said for those who mean you no good. Take this with you. Print it out. Put it up in your homes and businesses. Encourage your children to say it and say it everyday as part of your spiritual protection practice. I strongly and lovingly encourage you to do so. It goes like this...



Only let the pure light in.

Only let the pure love in

For the pure light and love shall show the way to happiness and healing.

The darkness may not enter,  and if it does may it recoil from the brightness of love and light in the space and in the hearts to those who belong there.


Stay out and have no effect on those who have the purest of intentions. 

Let only light and love exist to protect and cherish all that have the highest of intentions. By Archangel Michael

Have a beautiful week. Angels bless

Rachael White