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Archangel Michael Incantation

In 2018 Archangel Michael asked for this incantation to be posted across all social media and shared with clients. This can be placed in your homes, businesses and on your social media. You can also use it if you know someone means you no good. It is yours to have.

Recently at SOULSCENTED we have had some technology challengers and violations and have been guided to share with you once again this incantation.

We have recently moved across to a new website platform and wanted to start a fresh with this powerful intention. May pure love & light shine on you always xxx

Weekly Angel Reading with Rachael White : Monday October 22nd 2018

This weeks angel message is from Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael began channelling to me on Saturday this message as he wanted to send support to those who are experiencing negative energy from others. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world of light and darkness. The reality is that some people really do wish to hurt us either emotionally, energetically and physically for whatever reason.

I have seen this a lot of late with clients.

Don't worry. We can take charge of this situation energetically so there really is no need to fear. Archangel Michael feels very strongly about supporting each and everyone of us to be fearless.

This incantation ( an incantation is like a blessings/mantra but with extra super angelic powers) is designed to be said everyday as part of your spiritual protection. But also when you know that someone means no good toward you. 

Please feel free to put this in your home as a protection prayer, share on social media, print out and put in your children's bedrooms or even in your businesses. This super powerful incantation will ward off the darkness will only the the pure light and love in and show the way to happiness and healing.