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SOULSCENTED is a new age flagship retail store and spiritual spa 


Our retail store design is based on old world Apothecaries of ancient times.

As you step through the doors you are met by the soaring ceilings, and exposed brick walls adorned with hand carved bookshelves overflowing with apothecary bottles filled with energetic and vibrational remedies.

This old world beauty is a unique flagship New Age retail store. It is a dispensary of vibrational and energetic remedies including the Archangel Aromatherapy. But it is also stocked with self help books, crystals, flower essences, jewellery, candles, aromatherapy diffusers, herbs, and so much more. Everything you need for healing and living a spiritually guided life.


SOULSCENTED is a Spiritual Spa located in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

All souls visiting our sacred space at SOULSCENTED are nurtured and cared for by our aromatherapy massage therapists.

Our intention is to raise your vibration and support deep healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. We do this with massage therapy, massage rituals, facials and spiritual healing in conjunction with the very best spiritual aromatherapy.

The combination of body work and aromatherapy allows you to access a higher state of consciousness for accelerated healing.

We spend time researching and delving deeply into the aromatic ingredients and essential oils for spiritual healing, herbalism and aromatherapy used by alchemists and spiritual healers of ancient times.

All aromatherapy used in the Spa is hand blended onsite and formulated by Rachael who is Certified in Aromatherapy a Natural Perfumer and Spiritual Healer.

Allow us to guide you on an aromatic journey to utopia, bliss and healing of the soul, mind and body. Now is your time to be SOULSCENTED.

As spiritual spa is a serene, sacred sanctuary for high vibrational spiritual healing.


We also provide Spiritual Healing Services with Rachael White and Spiritual Healing Practioners that regularly visit SOULSCENTED to conduct spiritual healing services with clients. 

Our spiritual healers offer a range of services such as Oracle Card Readings, Angel Readings, Clairvoyant Healings, Spiritual Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling, Spiritual Healing and Past Life Therapy just to name a few. Be sure to keep up to date with who is conducting sessions at SOULSCENTED by reviewing our SPIRITUAL PRACTIONERS list of visiting practitioners.




We create our remedies onsite by hand. We are a dedicated and passionate artisan manufacturer of vibrational and energetic remedies with a focus on spiritual aromatherapy, herbalism, and natural perfumery d dispensed in our Apothecary. 

Hence the name S O U L S C EN T E D.

We only use certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients and we source ingredients from all around the world to ensure we access the very best natural ingredients. 


We have a dedicated workshop spaces. We host regular workshops, book launches, courses, gatherings and meditation groups. Please visit our website for What’s On.
This space is also available for hire.

Please Give us a call on 03 9815 0659 to discuss.

Keep an eye on upcoming events on our social media, in store and website for daily events.




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