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Angel Reading + Angel Healing

As a spiritual practitioner Rachael will not only support your healing, but also your emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing and development. 
 As intuitive souls we have the capacity to transform our lives and find meaning and purpose. We have the opportunity for prosperity, spiritual abundance, healing, transformation and - dare I say - cure ourselves from all forms of dis-ease mentally, physically and spiritually.
 The psycho-spiritual approach recognises that the physical body is the soul’s vessel, which the soul uses to experience and express itself on the earth plane.
Maybe you have become unwell physically or mentally, or maybe you just don't feel yourself, but you can't quite put your finger on it. If you are having physical, emotional or spiritual concerns of any kind about your wellness and healing l can work in partnership with you to support your spiritual healing which supports holistic wellness of the mind, body, spirit and soul.
Spiritual healing is a process of consultation, psycho-spiritual counselling, in session/remote healing and using the archangel aromatherapy prescriptions as the ally for healing.
The spiritual healing process consists of three sessions
 In-house/Remote Distant Healing
The healing begins with a 60 minute in person, Skype, FaceTime or Phone consultation. This allows me to consult with you and get insight into your situation, tune into your energy and better understand what is happening so I can determine the healing approach. I work closely with the angelic realm and spiritual guides to bring through healing advice to support for you and to determine what will best support your healing.
Angel  Healing Session
 In-house/Remote Distant Healing
After our Angel Reading I will do a 30minute Angel Healing.
The process of spiritually healing clients can be done in two ways either by 'remote/distance healing’ for my interstate or international clients, children or those clients that feel more comfortable with remote/distant healing. This is where I move into a deep meditative state and attune with the archangels. I then soul travel (have an out of body experience) in spirit with the Archangels to be by your side and to conduct the spiritual healing. Remote healing is also beneficial for children.
Or your Angel Healing session is conducted at SOULSCENTED in my consultation rooms after our Angel Reading.
Book online, call us on 03 9815 0659, send an email or pop into SOULSCENTED at 569 Burwood Road, Hawthorn and make your booking in person.
90mins          $180


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