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Archangel Aromatherapy

In order to support the process of healing and transformation with clients, I developed the worlds first Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions.


The Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions are a vibrational medicine that draws on the spiritual and energetic principles underlying the ancient healing wisdom of vibrational aromatherapy.

The Archangel Aromatherapy is a vibrational aromatherapy that supports emotional healing, spiritual development, self healing, and manifesting.

One by one each Archangel came to me and guided the formulation and preparation of the essential oil blends. I was able to capture each Archangels own unique aroma and vibratory signature.

So, according to how you feel or what you would like to heal, transform or create, specific oils can be chosen to invoke the Archangel who will best support that particular emotional and energetic shift but also transmute energy, clearing subconscious patterns at the cellular level to shift your vibration - permanently.

The channeling, blending and formulation of the archangel aromatherapy range is a divine offering. It is my privilege and with a grateful heart that I offer you this divine, energetic, organic and vibrational medicine to heal and raise vibration that brings your angels closer to you for support and guidance.

The entire range is encased in violet glass as used by the Egyptians in ancient times.This unique technology offers optimal protection against the ageing process as the glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part thus lengthening the durability and potency of essential oils and increasing their shelf life. Certified Organic Ingredients, Not tested on animal, No GMO, No emulsifiers, artificial colourings, fragrances, synthetic additive Eco friendly, recyclable packaging. Made in Australia


There are fifteen archangels in total and each one has a unique aroma and speciality area of support and guidance.

Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions are perfume prescriptions. Perfumes original intent since ancient times was to be used as a medicine. Whilst the archangel aromatherapy range is divinely aromatic it is a vibrational medicine to support you to heal, transform or co-create.

Once you make your selection from the archangel aromatherapy prescriptions, they need to be applied, diffused, misted or inhaled to invoke the messages from your archangels in a strong and clear way. This is to support your deep cellular healing of the energetic body.


If you are feeling emotional in any way each archangel aromatherapy prescription has a mist, body oil and concentration for inhalation and room diffusion in their unique angelic aroma.

By using the archangel aromatherapy prescription’s, you disrupt the unconscious progression of thoughts and emotions by focusing on an invocation of archangel assistance. You also clear the energetic imprints of negative emotions held within the energetic body and space when you apply, diffuse, inhale and mist into the deep cellular body.

Whenever you feel emotional and need immediate relief. Remove the lid from your 5ml concentrate, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Inhale a minimum of four times or until you feel better. You cannot overdo it. When you inhale you take the aroma molecules deep into the limbic brain and blood stream for instant support.

Rub the Natural Perfume Body oil into the body, then take the mist and mist over the area of the body where the body oil has been applied. This is an ancient technique of perfume layering which not only layers the skin with the aroma but locks in the aroma for a longer period of time. Within twenty minutes of being applied to the body the essential oils penetrate every cell in the body.
Use the dropper to dispense a small amount into the palm of the hands or onto the tips of the fingers. Rub the essential oil onto the chakras.
The essential oil concentrates are undiluted and come in the small 5ml bottle. These are not to be applied directly to skin as they are too potent. They are designed to be used in a room diffuser or bath.
Spray the mist around the body and aura. Take a deep breath to inhale the aroma, and allow the mist to lightly settle on you and interact with you aura.
Daily or weekly massage with these oils accelerates healing as the process of rubbing and kneading the oils into the physical and energetic body allows for deep penetration into the cellular body.



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