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The opportunity to change, heal, and positively transform your life is available to you right now.

I AM a SOUL CHAMPION is a unique, private ,one on one coaching with Rachael White, Clairvoyant and Spiritual healer.
Through her own extraordinary life-changing journey to heal her family’s incurable illnesses where the medical professions were not able to cure them and conditions got worse Rachael was looking at losing everything as her family started tearing apart.  
It was at this point Rachael explored her spirituality, looking to the heavens, having trust and self belief to turn her life around and find a cure. 
For 2 years she worked intensively with angels and spiritual guides to develop and follow a spiritually guided life, trusting her intuition to heal her husband and child of their illnesses and lead spiritually abundant lives. 
Rachael went on to start her own practice as a Clairvoyant and Spiritual healer working with people across Australia and the world which has enabled her to fine-tune these simple yet profoundly transformative techniques used in the I AM a Soul Champion coaching service.
Now the opportunity to live a spiritually guided life is available to you!
I AM a Soul Champion is private one on one coaching with Rachael. It is a new paradigm for living.
A roadmap for the soul, that offers a daily practice for living a spiritually-guided life to help you not only heal, but to go beyond healing to co-create your desires.
Rachael’s coaching program is flexible and open to all:
  • Maybe you wish to realise important personal, professional, spiritual and financial goals?
  • Seeking meaning, healing, purpose, direction or clarity and fearless action?
  • Maybe you wish to realise personal, professional or emotional goals and healing?
  • A complete transformation?  
  • Find or heal relationships, fall in love?
  • Increase self confidence? 
  • Business development?
  • Health concerns, anxiety, depression, wellness?
  • The pursuit of your life purpose or a new career?
Whatever your goal, I AM a Soul Champion coaching is available to you.
How we’ll work together?
Firstly, the coaching process begins with an Introductory session whereby Rachael will delve into understanding you to clarify and discover what you truly desire.This no-obligation, session for coaching is a one-off payment $155 for a 45min session.
Strength, Knowledge, and Power Coaching Packages
After the Introductory session you have the option of purchasing a block of coaching.
Coaching is only available for purchase in blocks.

The Strength, Knowledge and Power coaching blocks are the foundation for the
I AM a Soul Champion, private, one on one coaching with Rachael, as this has proven through Rachael’s experience to work for those who wish to lead a spiritually guided life.
Each block and the progression mirror’s Rachael’s own spiritual journey: 
“Discover and unleash your inner strength.”
The Strength coaching sessions focus on finding out who you are, getting in touch with your spirituality, discover your spirituality and living and applying to your life. 
“You have within and around you access to spiritual guidance  and knowledge of how to live with love, peace, healing and happiness.”Rachael White
In these sessions we focus on living in harmony with the soul’s purpose, our relationship with ourselves and others, accessing spiritual guidance, energy management, meditations, coupled with daily practice’s to support the process of healing and transformation. 
Block. 3 POWER
“You are lovingly powerful with the ability to manifest blessings into your life.”Rachael White
During these sessions Rachael will focus on accessing your power to co-create and manifest abundance for creating a life you truly desire. These sessions will focus on daily practices, rituals, intentions and working with planetary energies.

Each coaching block either Strength, Knowledge and Power consists of :
3 x 1.5hr private, one on one coaching sessions with Rachael White. conducted in person, by phone or skype. + Copy of Rachaels book + 1 x 15minute phone session (Each block to be used within a six month period from purchase date)
$480.00 (Inc GST)
Are you ready to be a Soul Champion? 
Lets do it! Lets make it happen!
To book online
 or call 03 9815 0659


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