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DIVINE Awakening Facial Massage

The Divine Awakening Facial Massage Ritual is a luxurious third-eye-of-the-soul activation ritual. Divine Awakening is an essential oil blend using rare, precious, high-vibrational rose oil in a blend with juniper and bergamot.
The ritual begins with a cup of our SOULSCENTED Divine Love Rose Elixr Tea.
This special infusion is formulated to bring warmth, healing and high vibrations into the body to create a high vibrational foundation of healing.
Our Anoint and Purify Foot Ritual follows, with copper purification for the anointing ceremony of the feet which includes a rose petal infusion.
Divine Awakening is gently massaged into the upper facial area touching on the chakras and third eye to activate psychic abilities, clear, heal, and protect for spiritual awakening. The areas of interconnection between body and spirit are purified and opened up so we can experience an enormous infusion of energy which in turn allows us to be receptive to divine communication and healing.
Using a combination of Divine Awakening and No.1 Clear & Protect by Archangel Michael you will experience our a full body aromatherapy massage.
Includes: Rose Elixr Tea + Anoint & Purify Foot Ritual with Rose Petals + Divine Awakening Upper Body and Face Massage

90 Minutes         160.00


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