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SOULSCENTED is a Spiritual day spa located in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

All souls visiting us at SOULSCENTED are nurtured and cared for by our highly trained massage therapists and practitioner's.

Our intention is to raise your vibration and support deep healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

The combination of body work and aromatherapy allows you to access a higher state of consciousness for accelerated healing.

All aromatherapy used in the Spa is hand blended onsite and formulated by Rachael who is Certified in Aromatherapy a Natural Perfumer and Spiritual Healer.



Caring for the body begins with nourishing the spirit. Our energetic body can hold a manifestation of negative energy in our physical body.
This can present and tension and tightness. 
Our Express Energy Clearing massage is for those wanting a massage on the run that targets the most common area we hold tension and energy. 
Our Express massage will focus on Upper body, Shoulders, Neck and Upper back.
20 min   $45 /   30min    $55



A harmonious, rhythmic, aromatherapy massage, that nourishes the soul back to oneness. Using our customised essential oil blend of lavenders from France and Bulgaria along with grapefruit these olfactory notes are designed to
de-stress the mind and relax the body. This allows the flow of life force energy to caress the spirit into a deep and gentle state of relaxation and oneness.
1hr  $120  / 1.5hr  $150



Our remedial massage uses a range of testing and stretching techniques. It is designed for treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist with targeted support of aches and pains and injuries. This massage involves a deeper pressure than our relaxation massage. For our remedial massage we use a customised aromatherapeutic essential oil  blend to produce a thermogenic (heat) effect to increase blood flow to relieve aches, pains and tensions in muscles. Our intention is soothing the body back to a state of wellbeing. 

1hr  $120  / 1.5hr  $150  



Our Deep tissues massage works deeper into the muscles and connective tissues than our remedial massage. Our massage therapists works on the accumulation of collagen fibers due to muscle strain, tensions or incorrect physical posture.
Our customised aromatherapeutic essential oil blend is used to target the deeper layers of the muscles.  Deep tissue is a relaxing but firmer massage which benefits both care for your muscles and a deeper sense of well-being. 
1hr  $120  /  1.5hr  $150 



Our Hippocrates pre & post sport massages are divinely inspired by Hippocrates the Greek god of medicine and the ancient Urani medicine.
We have customised a powerful blend of aroma-therapeudic essential oils infused into olive oil for pre-sport and post sport preparation and healing of the body. 


A preparatory massage pre-sport or work out massage is designed to prepare the body for vigorous physical activity without strain or injury.  By combining a customised blend of aromatherapeutic blend of aromatics aids thermogenic (heat) the body is lightly anointed with oil, to loosen the muscles and stimulate olfactory response for stamina, energy, and strength assist the blood flow and prepare muscles for sport. 
30 min       $70


A post sport massage will will Improve elimination of lactic and carbonic waste which result from muscle contraction during physical activity and it will shorten recovery time post exercise. It will support the body to decrease fatigue. Carefully selected aromatherapeutic essential oils are applied to the body and move deeply into the muscles via massage to support accelerate the process of recovery and repair when healing from exercise and sports.
1hr    $120


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