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Past Life Therapy

The soul has journeyed through many lifetimes, going on many adventures to further develop itself to journey back to our true soulful self.
As our soul progresses from one lifetime to the next, we bring characteristics and attributes that have a great impact on our current life often that we are unaware of.
Physical, emotional and spiritual issues are carried with us until we review and resolve.
Healing in the present moment can involve resolving unfinished business of the past which continues to influence the present.
Past Life Therapy can also help you understand and heal relationship concerns. The recall of a past life relationship that you are currently involved with will help you recognise negative patterns in relationships allowing you to break and heal those patterns.
When you bring past life concerns into this life they need to be released and healed in the present moment which involves returning to the past to reflect, heal and release.
Residual mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy of past events untreated can significantly impact our present life relationships, career and personal characteristics and physical and mental health and wellness.
Your soul is eternal, and you can experience significant healings in life to support a deeply powerful healing to progress in this life.


Our Past Life Healings are conducted remotely/by distance and face to face at SOULSCENTED. Remote/distance Past Life Therapy means you don’t need be physically present you can be located anywhere in the world to have this healing session.
I move into a deep meditation and (soul travel) in meditation with the Archangels back to your Past Life connected with your issue, concern or desired area of support and healing to revisit this time and release and heal anything from the past that has come up in this life for healing. 
The Past Life Therapy involves the client healing process consists three sessions:

1. Introductory Consultation Session

2. Past Life Healing Session

3. Debrief Session with Archangel Aromatherapy Prescription


1.  Introductory Consultation     45mins.        $130

The healing begins with a 45-minute Skype, FaceTime or Phone or in-house consultation. This allows me to consult with you and get insight into your situation, tune into your energy and better understand what is happening so I can determine the healing approach. I work closely with the angelic realm and spiritual guides to bring through healing advice and support and to determine what will best support your healing. This is a non-obligation session. If you decided that you would like to proceed, the past life healing package is as follows. 

2. Past Life TherapyHealing Session     60mins      $160

In-house or Remote/Distance 

After our Introductory Consultation I will have a clear understanding of what your concerns are. We then conduct your Past Life Regression healing session by either ‘remote/ distance healing or in session located at SOULSCENTED. During our in-house session together, we attune with the Archangels to returning to the past to reflect, heal and release review. For clients requesting remote/distance Past Life Therapy I perform this healing in meditation independently with the permission of the client. Remote healing is also good for children. We will explore the approach during our Introductory Session.

3. Debrief Consultation   45mins/60mins.    $130-165

This is our final session. You return to SOULSCENTED or book a remote/distant session by Skype, Facetime, and Phone. This is where I debrief you on the messages and healings from the previous Past Life Healing Session. This debrief happens post Past Life Therapy session. During this session I debrief you on my findings and give you psycho-spiritual counselling advice to support your ongoing healing and support. You will also be prescribed an Archangel Aromatherapy prescription to support the ongoing psych-spiritual support as the Archangel Aromatherapy heals and clears the energetic body. 
To begin the process of exploring your Past Lives for healing please click the BOOK NOW buttonto make your Introductory Session Booking.


Alternatively, if you would prefer to call or email us to arrange your session please call on 03 9815 0659 to book or contact us via email using the form below so we can arrange your session. Blessings


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