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I am pleased to launch my newest range of Rituals: for living a spiritually guided life along with your archangel aromatherapy prescriptions. 

Spirituality is about love, energy, and connection.

Since ancient times, spiritual practices and rituals have been performed by people in all spiritual and cultural traditions.

Spiritual rituals of prayer and meditation help us to to tune into our inner higher selves- our souls. But also to seek divine guidance from trusted spiritual guides and angels. 

Whilst spiritual practice and ritual vary significantly from one culture to the next, and one person to the next, the one thing that has been similar across all spiritual practices since ancient times is the use of fragrance/aroma to connect with the divine higher consciousness.

Our ancestors knew that aroma creates a high-vibrational channel through which the divine can connect. Fragrance creates an energetic pathway almost like a superhighway of high-vibrational frequency that operates at a fast rate. With fragrance, we basically clear the energetic way for the divine to tune into and for us to tune up. Fragrance alerts our spiritual guides that we are open and available, and it transmutes prayers and intentions on a super-fast track.

A spiritually guided life involves daily practices and rituals that help us remain spiritually well, protected, and healing. Some of the most important teachings from the angels was to commit to a daily spiritual practice just as we do physical and mental practices.

Over the past decade, the archangels and spiritual guides have taught me the following rituals for healing and moving beyond healing for manifesting. These self care practices can support you as you raise your vibrational, protect, heal and cleanse your energy, along with spiritual development and advancement.

In my book I document the following thirteen rituals to support you to live a spiritually guided life.

I have the full collection of Rituals kits. Each Ritual Kit includes a copy of my book as outlines the instructions on how to conduct each ritual along with the relevant archangel aromatherapy prescriptions.

For those who already have a copy of the book you can select each kit to include just the archangel aromatherapy without the book.

Because the Rituals have been bundled I am thrilled to be able to offer them to you at a bundled price reduction.


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