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Sharon Jacobson

Sharon is an intuitive astrologer with over 20 years experience and Kundalini Yoga teacher and practitioner with seven years experience. She is also a spiritual teacher, creative and ceremonialist.

Sharon has a B.A. Hons. in Theatre from the Universities of Sydney and Western Sydney, and postgraduate qualifications in Gestalt Therapy from Swinburne University in Melbourne and Screenwriting from the Australian Film, Radio and Television School in Sydney. She trained as a
Level Two Practitioner in Kundalini Yoga in Australia, China and France and is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute. She has also trained in Deep Memory Process for Past Life Regression / Soul Retrieval with Patricia Walsh in New York State USA and Psychodrama with Antony Williams in Melbourne Australia.
Sharon’s background and experience includes writing and directing theatre, dramaturgy, and designing and facilitating experiential group processes.
She has created, developed and managed multiple theatre and film projects including Plan B, a theatre project for men inside and on release from prison.
Sharon has traveled the world visiting sacred sites and participating in ceremony with indigenous and non-indigenous people in Australia, Europe and the Americas. She supports the return of the power of the Sacred Feminine as expressed through the lost principles of truth, humility, integrity, inclusion and heart connection. She believes the healing of humanity will come through realignment with the wisdom of Mother Earth and Cosmos and can be channeled directly in ceremonial circles through the power of the elements, symbol, song, mantra and prayer.


Kundalini Yoga Mantra and Meditation Class

Wednesday evenings
Cost: $25 per class
Or $100 for 5 classes

Kundalini Yoga 1:1

$90 per hour 
Individually tailored sessions to work on specific issues for healing and transformation.
To book online with Sharon click on the button below.
Or call us on 03 9815 0659 and we can take your booking over the phone.


Single Session Astrology Reading

1 hour

To look at your birth chart, explore current transits or to ask a specific question can be booked as single hourly sessions

Cost: $180.

To book your Astrology session with Sharon please call her on 0414912697. Sharon will need you date and time of birth. 


Astrology Activation Series

3 x 1-hour sessions $480

  1. Mission: Decoding the birth chart and your unique soul purpose in this lifetime.

  2. Opportunity: Understanding and capitalising on key life transits.

  3. Activation: Using Astrology and Tantric Numerology as tools for guidance, manifest the changes you want to see in your life with a Kundalini Yoga practice and a uniquely tailored ritual to activate the soul’s purpose.

To book your Astrology Activation sessions with Sharon please call her on 0414912697. 



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