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Spa, Healing & Wellness Partners

Signature Archangel Aromatherapy healing & massage rituals and the Divine Awakening Facial. 

We have partnered with Spa, Holistic Healers and Wellness practitioners that are committed to ensuring your healing is provided by the most amazing healers that align with our vision and intention

So depending on what you wish to heal, transform or create you can visit with one of our amazing Spa, Holistic Healing or Wellness partners to be prescribed our archangel aromatherapy and to have an archangel aromatherapy healing ritual which that will accelerate your healing, as it brings the archangel aromatherapy deep into the energetic and physical body. 

Signature Archangel Healing Massage & Healing rituals will heal and clear your energy so you will radiate lightness as this divine aromatic experience heals and shifts residual energy elevating you and to a higher state of consciousness.

What rituals can I have with Spa, Holistic Healing & Wellness Partners? 

Signature Archangel Aromatherapy Healing Ritual

A uniquely powerful aromatic healing and spiritually purifying ritual. This body and facial ritual is a blissfully transformative ritual that uses vibrational healing of organic angelic aroma essential oils blends that penetrate deeply into physical and energetic bodies to harmonise the soul, heal, clear and transmute energy. 

This spiritual and aromatherapy healing ritual uses copper, anointing & purification oils, divine awaking facial oil along with the archangel aromatherapy oils. Restoring and harmonising the energetic body for complete organic and holistic transformation and energetic alignment elevating you to a higher state of consciousness

Archangel Aromatherapy Healing Massage

The Archangel Aromatherapy Healing Massage is conducted in a 30 minute or 60 minute treatment. Selection of oils for treatments is according to how a person is feeling and what it is they would like to heal, transform or create, as specific oils can be chosen to invoke the Archangel who will support that particular emotional and energetic shift. Oils can also be selected on aroma or vibration. There are 15 unique archangel aromatherapy prescriptions each with a unique aroma for selection.

Divine Awakening Signature Facial Healing Ritual

A luxurious third eyed of the soul activation ritual. Rare, precious, high vibrational 100% pure organic essential oils are gently massaged into the chakras and third eye to active psychic abilities, clear, heal and protect for spiritual awakening and chakra clearing. This naturally restorative, super absorbent and highly nourishing facial oil heals and transforms for radiant skin.

Wellness Practitioner Consultation

The Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions are also prescribed by wellness practitioners, therapist,  healers, naturopaths, kinesiologist and more that don't necessarily provide the massage healing rituals but do however prescribe the archangel aromatherapy prescriptions for spiritual and emotional to support holistic healing of the mind, body, spirit, soul and space.

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