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Astrology 101- Birth Chart Basics- COURSE


ASTROLOGY 101- Birth Chart Basics 
with Sharon Jacobson-Astrologer
No matter how far back we go in time, humanity has always looked to the stars to understand our connection to Mother Earth and to draw down sacred wisdom from the cosmos. 
We’re living through a major transition in human consciousness which is causing worldwide instability and upheaval. In order to make sense of these changes, many people are again remembering the power of star wisdom to make sense of the times and to find answers about how to move forward.
On a personal level, astrology is a powerful symbolic language that gives us a deeper understanding of why we’re here and how to make the most of our unique gifts at this important time on planet Earth. 
In this first series of four classes you will learn the basic elements that make up the astrological birth chart.

Astrology 101 - Birth Chart Basics

Using your own birth chart as a reference point, you will learn how to decode the basic astrological elements and symbols.

This 4-week course uses visual maps and interactive learning techniques to give you an understanding of the basic elements of astrology.



Week 1: Introduction

Tuesday 30th April 2019


The Birth Chart and its Relationship to Time and Space

The Four Elements & the Three Modalities


Week 2: Chart Elements

Tuesday 7th May 2019


The Twelve Houses


Week 3: Chart Elements

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

Tuesday 21st May 2019



Week 4: Archetypes

Tuesday 28th May 2019


The Planets and their Rulerships

For information regarding this course please contact Sharon Jacobson on 0414 912 697.

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