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Energy Healing Ritual Kit

Energy Healing & Clearing Ritual Kit

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Each time we think and speak we are using energy. Our negative thoughts and emotions manifest as energy mass within our physical and energetic bodies. Additionally the negative thoughts, beliefs and actions of the people around us as well as our own can be responsible for negativity showing up in our life.

We may experience lethargy, tiredness and low vibe from a psychic attack of ourselves or from others. Our general vibration is low and we feel blocked and struggling to attract a positive flow of vibration into our life.You may also be living or working in a negative toxic environment which can weigh heavily on your energy.

The clearing energy bathing ritual can be performed daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you feel you need to clear your energy. Maintaining your energetic wellness is vital for keeping you in a high vibrational and soul centred and manifesting all that you desire from a high vibration.

What is included in the clearing energy bathing ritual?

1. I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy book

This book has the step by step instructions for conducting your clearing energy bathing ritual.

2. Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions- 100% Vibrational & Certified Organic Ingredients

1 x No.1 Clear & Protect by Archangel Michael - 5ml Concentrate Essential Oil (inhalation,diffuser & bath)

1 x No.1 Clear & Protect by Archangel Michael- 30ml Pure & Natural Perfume Body Oil

*This ritual also requires the use of an aroma diffuser for the 5ml Concentrate Essential Oil. We have a selection of diffusers for purchase right here in our Apothecary.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a copy of the book and only wish to purchase the aromatherapy for the ritual you can do so by selecting this option at the drop down menu.

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