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Rachael White

No. 8 Archangel Ariel-Manifestation - Natural Essential Oil Concentrate 5ml


100% Pure & Organic

No.8 Archangel Ariel


Assistance and support to manifest worldly desires. Environmental concerns and healing for animals.

5ml Natural Essential Oil Concentrate

Divine Angelic Aroma. Uplift Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul & Space

Benefits: Invoke archangels. Energy healing & clearing. Divine communication. High vibration. Uplift mind, body, spirit, soul & space.

Use: Remove lid for deep inhalation of aroma. 2-3 drops Oil burner, diffuser, nebuliser, vaporiser for diffusion of aroma in home, business or any space to clear energy & raise vibration. 2-3 drops in bath. 

Warning: Do not apply directly to skin.

Ingredients: Certified organic therapeutic grade essential oils, Lavender, Rose + Archangel Ariel love vibration.

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