Rachael White 

Founder of SOULSCENTED- Apothecary, Day Spa & Salon and the Archangel Aromatherapy.

Angel Healing Therapist (AHT), Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Coach. Author, Vibrational Aromatherapist, Spiritual Herbalist and Natural Perfumer.

Since childhood I had a 'knowing' of the divine and of spirit but to be honest I was totally in the 'spiritual closet'. It was only in the last decade that I really stepped into my spirituality due to the transformational effect it had on my life.
Spiritual guidance saved my husband from a life of clinical depression and, through my work with angels and spirit guides, I was guided to cure my son's severe eczema and autoimmune disorder after the medical profession had given up. 
After having received the knowledge on how to heal my family I was guided by angels and spiritual guides to open my own practice which went on to establish a worldwide clientele for spiritual healing, coaching, angel readings and space clearing energy in homes and business.

When you are confronted with hopelessness in your life it can be a time of profound transformation. On some level we share the inner knowing and hope that something greater than us exists to help us. During my deepest state of hopelessness and despair I surrendered and my spirituality was revealed to me in a way I could never have imagined. It was in that moment that I become conscious of not only who I was but of the power of divine energy that lives, moves and creates within us- Rachael White, I AM 

I AM a Soul Champion, living a spiritually guided life. 

All of the strength, knowledge, power and wisdom from the archangels and spiritual guides from my experience is shared to support clients I coach and teach so they too can be a soul champions, living a spiritually guided life.

In order to support the process of healing and transformation for my clients during my days in private practice in Sydney I asked the angels to guide me on how I could take my clients healing to a new level. This is when I developed the worlds first Archangel Aromatherapy range of angelic prescriptions, a vibrational aromatherapy. The range of 100% pure, and natural organic therapeutic grade organic essential oil blends with fifteen unique archangel aromas.

One by one by one each archangel came to me to develop their own unique aroma and hence vibration. The energetic signature of each archangel is captured within the formula of each archangel aromatherapy prescription which adds vibrational potency of the prescriptions. They are a powerful ally for healing.

According to how you are feeling and what it is you would like to heal, transform or create, specific oils can be chosen to invoke the Archangel who will support that particular emotional and energetic shift. 

The Archangel Aromatherapy oils transmute energy, clearing subconscious patterns at the cellular level to shift a person’s vibration - permanently.

I love living a spiritually abundant life and I love to share my knowledge with you and support you to healing, transformation and living a spiritually guided life.

In 2018, I opened the doors to SOULSCENTED. It was a dream of mine to create a sacred space for those to experience spiritual healing, aromatics, and spiritual teachings.