We offer a range of Spa Packages in our spiritual day spa.

Our Spa Packages bring together massage therapy rituals for deep transcendence into an aromatic and spiritual healing experience.

All souls visiting our sacred space day spa at SOULSCENTED are nurtured and cared for the moment you arrive by our highly trained and caring aromatherapy massage therapists.

Our Spa Packages offer a day spa journey for deeply healing, nurturing and aromatically uplifting healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. We do this with massage therapy, massage rituals, facials and spiritual healing in conjunction with the very best spiritual aromatherapy as combination of massage therapy with spiritual aromatherapy allows you to access a higher state of consciousness for accelerated healing.

Allow us to guide you nurture you on an aromatic journey to utopia, bliss and healing of the soul, mind and body.

Now is your time to be SOULSCENTED.


Angel readings are similar to psychic readings except I work directly with the Archangels from the angelic realm. During an angel reading Rachael will communicate with the Archangels to channel through messages that you most need to hear at this time.Angels can help you with any part of your life including health, romance, career, finances, business, life direction and more.

Angel Readings are a wonderful way to connect with the Archangels and spiritual guides to receive clear messages, advice, guidance and healing about anything of concern in your life. So, rather than worrying and stressing and sending all that negative energy out into the Universe you can ask your angels about anything They are standing by your side always to give you loving guidance and angel healing.

After your Angel Reading your therapist will take you into your treatment room to perfume the Anoint and Purify Foot Ritual. This copper foot submersion, opens up and prepares the energetic body for healing. You will then experience a full body archangel aromatherapy relaxation massage using the Archangel Aromatherapy blend of choice.

This massage soothes the body with angelic aromas and penetrates deep into physical and energetic bodies to harmonise the soul, heal, clear and transmute energy with the angels.Gently massaging the Archangel Aromatherapy oils into the body for invocation of Archangels allows of healing and transformation of emotional and spiritual healing with the Archangels.

INCLUDES: 60 minute Angel Reading + Anoint & Purify Foot Ritual + Archangel Aromatherapy Massage 

2hrs   $240

Archangel Aromatherapy Signature Massage & facial

The Signature Archangel Aromatherapy Healing Package is uniquely powerful aromatic healing and spiritually purifying ritual with the Archangels. The ritual begins by selecting your Archangel Aromatherapy perfume body blend to be used as the massage oil.

There are 15 unique Archangel aromas. You will be guided to choose the preferred Archangel Aromatherapy essential oil perfume blend intuitively and aromatically allowing the angel you most need to be selected.

Your therapist uses our customised Anoint and Purify oil and copper purification for the anointing ceremony of the feet.

You will then experience a full body Archangel Aromatherapy massage using the Archangel Aromatherapy blend of choice. This massage soothes the body with angelic aromas and penetrates deep into physical and energetic bodies to harmonise the soul, heal, clear and transmute energy with the angels.

As you drift into a blissful state of relaxation the therapist conducts a divine awakening facial massage using our divine awakening facial oil of rose, juniper and bergamot this heavenly scent is aromatically transcendent allowing for divine healing and awakening with the angels.

Includes: Anoint and purify Foot Ritual + Archangel Aromatherapy relaxation massage + Divine Awakening Facial Massage with Divine Awakening Facial oil

90 Minutes $160

Reiki Healing + Massage Package

Reiki is a spiritual and energetic healing system that connects into spiritual wisdom activating your body’s self -healing to bring in life force for healing. Reiki uses ancient symbology to connect with life force energy to restore, balance, heal and create vitality in the energetic body. During a Reiki session “life force” chi, prana and high vibrational energy is channelled to the area in most need of healing. At SOULSCENTED this experience is aided with the use of a powerful aromatic oil that taps into the ancient aromatics of Japan and supports you to tune into the ancient lineage of Reiki. The intention is to heal imbalances, enhance vitality and restore the flow of prana to all aspects of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. 

During our Reiki Healing + Massage package we have combined massage with the Reiki healing for a powerful healing experience.Drawing on the ancient aromatics of this ancient healing system we aromatically tap into the lineage for transcendent healing.

Includes: Anoint & Purify + Reiki Healing + Reiki Massage + Incense Ceremony

120mins $195


Our Egyptian Priestess Head massage ritual uses Egyptian Geranium as the hero aromatic blended in a secret formulation.

The ritual begins with a cup of our SOULSCENTED Rose & Lemon Elixr Tea. This special infusion is formulated to bring warmth, healing and high vibrations into the body to create a high vibrational foundation of healing.

Our Anoint and Purify Foot Ritual  follows, with copper purification for the anointing ceremony of the feet, opens up and prepares the energetic body for healing.

The oil is applied to the hair and gently massaged into the scalp. This custom massage oil uses aromatics once used in ancient Egypt. The synergistic combination of aromatics and oils work deeply into your energy via the crown chakra to stimulate life force flow into the body.

The Egyptian geranium infusion also nourishs the scalp, hair and minor head chakras. You will move into a deep state of relaxation as your head massage relieves stress, tension and insomnia.

Your therapist will guide you into a gentle full body relaxation massage. At the completion of your massage treatments you will move to our Organic Hair Salon for where you will meet with our hair dresser to have your hair washed and Blow Dry.

To complete your ritual, you will have our Signature Egyptian Hair Perfume which combines Egyptian Geranium and Sandalwood to scent the hair and settle on the aura. 

You will look, feel and smell like a perfumed priestess.

INCLUDES: Anoint & Purify Foot Ritual + Egyptian Priestess Head Massage + Relaxation Massage +Hair Wash +Blow Dry

90mins $160


 Treat yourself to a visit with our Natural/Organic Hair Salon for a divine intensive Hair Massage, Treatment with Hair wash and Blow Dry. A lovely self care treatment before heading out to an event or to treat yourself to some tender loving hair care.

INCLUDES: Aromatherapy Intensive Hair Massage & Treatment + Hair Wash + Blow Dry

1hr. $85